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Rainbow Dreams

Mình đang đọc “Không thể quên em” của Hoa Thanh Thần. Trong lúc chán chán lật mấy trang cuối thì bắt gặp bài thơ này. Vẫn là giọng điệu thơ của riêng Tagore như trong ký ức của mình, trong trẻo, giản dị, ôm ấp trái tim con người trong sự ấm áp của ngôn từ. Tặng các bạn nhân một ngày cuối tuần mưa mưa (ở chỗ mình ^^)

Poet: Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

The most distant way in the world
is not the way from birth to the end
it is when I sit near you
that you don’t understand I love you

The most distant way in the world
is not that you’re not sure I love you
It is when my love is bewildering the soul
but I can’t speak it out

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The Better Man Project ™

I can take some things hard sometimes. I really think everyone can. For me, it doesn’t much come down to being able to respond well to situations…I think I know who I am, or at least who I am working on being at this point. Last night, I removed myself from a situation that I definitely didn’t feel great in. In a room full of people where I had been connecting with everyone and just feeling great, I quickly felt something overcome me as two main events happened. They happened back to back…and I stood there with a friend feeling completely cut off. It was time to leave.

As I was walking home, I knew the feeling inside of me was based of a “Why is this happening to me?” feeling. The walk over the next 5 minutes, I paced home patiently with my thoughts, opened the door to my…

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